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RootMetrics Confirms- Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T And Sprint Are The Best Network In US

Have A Look At This Graph For Verizon:

Nationwide Speed and Reliability test from Root Metrics, an independent Mobile network testing company confirms that Verizon is at number one. Last year, at same time of the year, RootMetrics has reported AT&T to be number one. However, this is a proof what can happen in a year. RootMetrics however, put Sprint at number 3 ahead of many others as RootMetrics feels that Sprint can soon turn out to be the mother of networks in US. RootMetrics has also changed criteria for registering a result. Now, the mark only those cities that perform over a benchmark. However, they still have detailed reports, which can be seen on their site.

For T-Mobile:

According to the reports, Verizon offers speed more than 10 MBPS in 122 cities, T-Mobile in 96 cities and AT&T in 93 cities. T-Mobile tops the list in providing the speed over 20 MBPS in maximum cities. T-Mobile provides speed over 20 MBPS in 41 cities, Verizon in 40 cities and AT&T in 14 cities. For Sprint, most of cities are having speed less than 6 MBPS. Still RootMetrics has listed it in top three.

Verizon has come up with new LTE grid in Advanced Wireless services. While T-Mobile is playing with its present spectrum and airwaves that it has acquired. Verizon has doubled in speed and capacity, to its original 4G network. T-Mobile is matching megahertz by megahertz with Verizon in most of the major markets.

For AT&T:

Everybody knows that AT&T is the oldest network channel not only in the US but also in the whole world. Lots of new development is expected from AT&T. Reports confirmed that AT&T is also upgrading but in methodical manner selecting on Advanced LTE Technology for increasing the capacity. One cannot see a big jump in AT&T but there is a good improvement in second half of 2014. In the first half of 2014, AT&T used to provide 20+ MBPS speed to only one city. However, in the latter half of 2014, the number of cities rose to about 15. RootMetrics, however, find AT&T as the most reliablenetwork with least call drop, call failure and lost data session problems. Root finds AT&T better than Sprint and T-Mobile on this account. Only Verizon ranks above AT&T in RootScore rankings on this behalf.

For Sprint:

Only one fact is surprising from RootMetrics report that why have they put Sprint at number 3 position. Anyways, it is expected that the oldest horse, AT&T will be eyeing a major comeback this year. However, it is time to congratulate to Verizon and T-Mobile, on their wonderful performance in 2014.

Why Does Facebook Need To Rethink Some Of Its Strategies

Facebook is in danger! There are many threats in front of Facebook. The biggest one is definitely the fact that all potential users have already seen the sign up process of Facebook and now they are looking for something new. Technology wise, some sites are proving to be much better than even Facebook. This is one of the reasons, why Pinterest looks like being better than even Facebook. Features of Pinterest are a new concept but they are so awesome that Pinterest is now the first in Social media list for many in US, UK and Canada as far as preference is concerned. One more thing is that people love something new. Previously Orkut was quite popular and more the Facebook and suddenly Facebook crept in various college campuses across the world. There has been serious fight going on in between Apple and Samsung on technology. Many other companies are fighting as well. Zuckerberg hard work turned out to be good for him and soon Facebook surpassed Orkut. Google then started to work on Google Plus and Orkut was recently closed. Facebook became popular because of the new features that Zuckerberg came up then. Same factors might go against Facebook now. Zuckerberg knows this and his initiatives to buy Instagram and WhatsApp are one step to strengthen Facebook.

Some Facts That Prove A Threat Against Facebook Are:


  1. Facebook Boredom factor Ian Maude at Enders Analysis.
  2. Question that is Facebook going MySpace way.
  3. In last 6 months, Facebook has lost around 9 million in US and 2 million in UK.
  4. Canada, Spain, Japan, Germany and France also showing same results for Facebook.
  5. One good point is that growth accepted though in South America and India though not in any other part of the world.


Facebook has acquired some of the best in mobile tech field including WhatsApp and Instagram. Is it so that big ones influence small companies and hence, they are merging without accepting that they can be even bigger someday. Was that a correct step form Instagram and WhatsApp? However, it was good for Facebook.

Facebook says that their users are spending less hours (a dip from `122 min to less) and this is because Facebook is now switching to mobile, smartphone and tablets. However, is that a guarantee that the mobile presence will ensure that the loss on desktop will be compensated? The Point is however simple that each day in history is a new one and world keeps on seeing new faces after each time. If Facebook wants to be at top, then they need to keep on adding new chapters in their apps both desktop and mobile. It should be accepted still that Desktop is not going to end ever. You cannot do software development, financial work, surgery and medical treatments, AutoCAD work, aero research and many more on smartphones and tablets. The main task of Facebook is easy communication and marketing. Hence, it can discard desktop. However, they need to think twice on this. Energy is also a factor and time has always been. Mobile application development is important and Facebook has reasons to switch to it. However, it is wrong to forget desktop. It is definitely a surety that, Zuckerberg will soon be coming up with something new for Desktop. It is hard to forget some great steps Zuckerberg has taken. Facebook Graph search is now a new search engine and since 2012, it has improved a lot. Facebook promotion policies for promoting local business are also awesome. However, there is a big threat not only from newbies but also from other giants especially Apple. Apple new music streaming service might end roads for almost all companies in music streaming industry. If not then at least the competition is going to be fierce. Fierce competition in online marketing, supposed to be the major earning source for many companies, is expected in next few years.

Make Gadget Like Google Glass That Takes Photo And Then Share It On Social Media, Calacanis Ready To Invest Around $100 K For Such Projec

Google glass is considered one of the biggest innovations during the past few years. Sergey and Google X team should be congratulated for this. They have been responsible for bring such a great product in such a less time. The best feature of the Google glass was definitely how to take the picture and not the Google Map or the local data. There is one very good gadget development idea that is in air during the past few days after the success of Google Glass. It is surprising why such idea has not influenced any technology company so far to come up with the product that takes the picture on a click, is like the Google Glass and do nothing else. One of the tech giants have been found saying that they can invest $100K in such project. If anyone has thought for such innovation then they should contact immediately toJason Calacanis, as he is ready to invest an amount as big as $100K if somebody is interested in such project.

You can rip off the dorky eye projection and just leave the camera, Bluetooth and some decent storage. You can call them the photo glass and they add the API in it for posting directly to the Instagram, Facebook, twitter and other social media sites. Calacanis told that such project could be made just for $50-$150 and then sold at the selling price, as less than $100-$150. There can be life-casting feature like taking pictures after every X seconds and then adding the time lapsing option. He has been trying to find such features for a long time after entry of the Google Glass. However, he has been finding only the dorky eye projection glasses being used for investigating purposes.

He wants some answers, like who knows how to do this? How much it will cost. What would that Killer app would be like? Is there anyone who is close to such idea? How much computation is required for this glass? How much battery life is required and what would it be like? If you are interested in this idea and if you are a hardware engineer then you have the point to talk to Calacanis. He is waiting for such techie. You can contact him by tweeting at @jason. He is sure that this concept is going to be much more successful than Smart watches or oculus. Jason is serious and it does look like being good news for a team of Hardware Engineer and the app developer

The Dilemma Of Musicians- As Tech Giants Fights For Supremacy In Music Industry

Various musicians like Zoe Keating and Taylor Swift have received quite lucrative offers from various tech giants. ITunes has turned out to be one of the most amazing revenue generators for Apple and has been a reason for the setback of Spotify and Google. Zoe Keating was recently forced to login to Google YouTube account with a key, though she denied. One of our blog posts posted few days back tells the complete story. Now, as Apple music streaming project is on air, things have cleared a little bit. It might be that Google realized Apple's move early and wanted to book some of the top musicians like Zoe Keating to post music on their sites only. However, Zoe refused. Now it is believed that, Apple can buy the whole music streaming industry with its huge treasure chest. This will leave Google and Spotify with no reason to smile. However, musicians are also finding themselves helpless in this tech war for supremacy over music streaming industry. They want to ensure maximum people listening to them and all hopes of getting the maximum earning. They have media manager and the marketing managers for this. However, step from Google was a shock for Zoe. All terms and conditions were completely against musician ambitions. Zoe would have lost majority of her fans and earning source. Hope Google has done something, though no news is received yet on Google stand.

Spotify has its own problem of low cash. They can only ensure better platform for musicians and that is not a dilemma for the musicians. It's true that Apple treasure chest, better technology, more number of iPhones and new music streaming project can make it the single owner of music streaming industry. However, that will be a dilemma for the musicians. World has seen watch company showing hands in technology and vice versa. It is all business, as business has no dimensions. However, you might find some musicians going Spotify way as that is not a dilemma for them. However, technologies through Apple can crush down the musicians going for other channels. It is again a dilemma. What should a musician do then? Well, no one is going to stop listening to Ricky Martin in any case and that is a relief for big musicians. However, what can small musicians do now? It is a dilemma for them.

Small musicians' needs promotion and once they are established they need better marketing. That is why they head towards shows like American Idol and various others.

Tech giants will have to think about this huge dilemma on small musicians. Though Apple has not shown any intention ever, in capturing whole music streaming industry, they need to move a step forward in their good work. They need to come up with something really human this April, so that the dilemma of small musicians finds an end and someone sitting in remote area under Redwood tree can directly show his/her potential at least cost, with best technology to the whole country. Hope somebody in Apple reads this and comes up with something human this April.

Why Twitter Is Not So Successful And Why Twitter Registered Best Quarterly Sales For Itself This Quarter

When Pinterest was included in Social Media few years back, things changed completely. Pinterest showed the best results in US, Canada and UK in quite a less time, through best turn around ratio (sales over investment). Was that due to multimedia? Is that an indication that Multimedia will take pinterest past Facebook soon? There are many reasons for above. However, some of the questions are good enough to answer why twitter is failing always. Only few know that twitter has seldom been in profit since 2004. Twitter renewed its tie up with Google recently and came up with some new features. In past, Twitter has not used various options available to earn. 90% of their profit comes from advertising. They also depend on text with limited words. One can say that the concept has limitations. Twitter though has complained that sites like Facebook are taking away their concept. In last fourth quarter of 2013, the loss was $511 million on $242 million of investment. This quarter, the loss has been reduced to $125 million when compared to revenue of $479 million. Hence, things are improving for Twitter. However, the worry is, they are still in loss. There are many reasons for their loss.

Some of the reasons for their loss are:

  1. Not using all options for earning profit like Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn etc
  2. Government going against social media freedom
  3. Government blocking twitter like in China
  4. Twitter has already used up the masses interested in signing up for twitter
  5. Users in US, UK and Canada are looking for something new. Probably, they are looking for something new and that is why Instagram, Pinterest are becoming so popular. Facebook is also facing same problem
  6. Various local similar platforms are available in South korea (Kakao) Sien Weibo in China, LINE in Japan and they are becoming quite popular, which is a threat for twitter
  7. Twitter gets in its own way
  8. There is one more reason, that you might feel twitter started with Facebook though still It's a reality that sites like Pinterest, Linked In are far ahead twitter. Twitter has a big journey ahead and right now, even the CEO of twitter is facing the resignation threats.
  9. Lots of outages, technical difficulties, infrastructure change, and human and software error are also some of the reasons for Twitter failure.

Twitter has lots of potential. The problem is some new concepts coming up and they are being implemented with better technologies. Twitters also have a threat from tech giants like Apple and Google. If they change the operating system settings or come up with some new operating system then twitter is going to face problems. Instagram has already surpassed it but twitter has a good number of users even now. The point is they have to learn from sites like Facebook, which covers more than 2/3rd of social media user. However, do you know one thing? Pinterest has beaten in profitability even Facebook according to one of the surveys. Hence, twitter can still make a good profit, even though they are behind other sites.

Promoted tweets, promoted accounts and promoted trends are some of the medium of Twitter earning until now. We need to explain the value of our promoted products to our advertisers and advertising agencies. Twitter feels that without that twitter is going to suffer from stagnating user base and decaying monetizing strategies. Twitter too sells its data though these are still in infancy face. Twitter is coming up with new features like money gusher, vine, six-second video features and another window to show native ads. Twitter is already with Nielson to come up with TV rating system. There is no revenue generated from this feature yet, but can be a great option in coming future, for twitter. Amplify is yet another options that helps TV advertisers to retarget viewers with promoted tweets. Hence, Things are not that bad for twitter as far as future is concerned, though, lots of effort is required in monetizing strategies and technology. They will also have to come up with new features so that other new concepts do not surpass them as Instagram and some other sites have done.