Firebase and App Engine in App

When Tamplin and Lee established Firebase from Envolve that allowed integration of online chat to various website, it was just a real time system. Tamplin in 2012 established Firebase and this turned out to be a great real time database. But the fate of Firebase was to be decided by Google who acquired it in 2014. Since then we have seen a lot of advancement in Firebase and now it is a unique set of tools for all kind of app development including Android app development and iOS app development as well as the web development.

You talk of authentication through social logins facilities provided by Facebook, Twitter etc., or you talk of real time database and analytics, you have so much to look at Firebase. Firebase also provides file storage facilities, you can talk of Firebase hosting, Firebase crash reporting for Android and iOS, Firebase cloud messaging, Firebase app indexing and in fact it is much more than what we used to get through the parse. Parse is no more but now we have the Firebase, our new friend.

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