Lightelligence aims to accelerate AI workloads to light speed

Lightelligence aims to accelerate AI workloads to light speed


Boston-based startup Lightelligence has just landed $10 million in seed funding as it bids to accelerate artificial intelligence workloads with a new technology based on light.

The round was led by Baidu Venture and a consortium of U.S. semiconductor executives.

The company’s approach is to speed up information processing through the use of a nascent technology called photonic circuits, which are a more efficient alternative to electronic circuits, using photons rather than electrons to do the computing.

The technology incorporates nanophotonics, which relates to the study of the behavior of light on the nanometer scale, and of the interaction of nanometer-scale objects with light, plus optical computing. Basically, photonic circuits use light to transmit signals, similar to optical fibers, and offer significantly lower latency and higher throughput than standard electronic circuits.

“When electrons travel through copper wires, they generate heat,” Paul Xie, the company’s founder and vice president of product, told SiliconANGLE. “As in long-haul optical fiber telecommunications, light travels without generating heat and very little loss. So the main benefit of optical computing is that it is more energy-efficient.” For the rest of the article, see here

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