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Emma Tech is designed to be used with the EMMA (Election Maintenance and Management Application) Software Suite offered by Elections USA, Inc. For more app and software details, please see our website at



Emma POLL is designed to be used with the EMMA (Election Maintenance and Management Application) Software Suite offered by Elections USA, Inc. For more app and software details, please see our website at



Samsung Focus

Samsung Focus is a unified productivity application that enables Exchange ActiveSync (“EAS”) , IMAP and POP3 users to manage email, calendar, task, memo, and contacts easily in one place. Users can have more productive experience on their mobile devices with Samsung Focus.

• Key Features
- Direct push synchronization with Exchange ActiveSync and Gmail. 
- Add events or tasks from emails.
- EAS, IMAP/POP3 protocol support.
- Multi-account support
- Samsung Dex support
- Easy to join conference calls
- View and track related items 
- Global Address List (GAL)
- MDM configuration through Google restriction API (for KNOX workspace user)
- EAS IT policy support
- Unified search (Email, Event, Memo, Task, Contact).
- Event Sync (Exchange 2010, CalDAV, S planner, Google calendar)
- Contact Sync (Exchange 2010, device contacts) 
- Memo Sync (Exchange 2010 and higher, excluding S Memo)
- Tasks Sync (Recurring Tasks, Reminder, Categories)

• Supported Servers
- Exchange Server 2003 SP2/SP3 and above
- Google, Baidu (IMAP/POP3)
- Office 365
- Hotmail
- Other servers that support Exchange ActiveSync : IBM Notes Traveler, Groupwise, Kerio, Zimbra, Horde, IceWarp, MDaemon, etc.

• Available OS:
Samsung smartphones running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow or later. 

• Note:
Samsung Focus does not operate any cloud servers. It connects only to the actual mail servers. It stores your account’s data on the device, and Samsung Electronics® never access any user data.

• Support: 
If you have questions or feature requests, please contact us using Samsung Members on your device or visit

--- User Information Access ---

To provide the best service possible, we would like to access the following information from your mobile device with your permission. Even if you choose not to accept 'Optional Information', you will still be able to use the basic features of Samsung Focus.

[Mandatory Information]
- Contacts : Allows Samsung Focus to display the list of contacts stored on your device.
- Calendar : Allows Samsung Focus to display the list of events stored on your device. 
- Phone : Allows Samsung Focus to display the contacts stored in the SIM card. 
- Storage : Allows Samsung Focus to upload attachments when sending emails and save attachments when receiving emails.

[Optional Information]
- Location : Allows Samsung Focus to display the exact location of events scheduled



Roadside User


The most essential app for your safety on the road. Revolutionary roadside assistance & towing services on-demand Application software available on Google Playstore. In an accident? Run out of gas? or just need a jumpstart on your gas/diesel? Get the closest available tow truck or roadside operator 24 hrs. Just tap on the App. Free Download. Register and take advantage of our Nationwide platform & pricing – save money & time. The future is here..


Ask us for any customization that you want to. We have solutions to satisfy all your need.

The application uses GPS to lively track various stages of users and providers and updates it regularly to the application users.

We value your comfort and listen to your needs. Rate and Review providers for other users using the start rating system.

Any trouble. Stay connected with our support team anytime, anyplace around the world. Overcome Your Challenges With Our Expert Assistance.




The MEDIBIKE App is a handy, quick-reference guide with easily accessible MEDIBIKE first aid step-by-step guidance. The use of technical terms is limited, providing practical approaches and comprehensive explanations. This system-based, easy-to-follow guide assists the first aid provider to care for most minor and major MEDIBIKE emergencies, from cold and heat concerns and blister treatments to high altitude illness and lightning injury prevention—and much more.

Typically the most challenging decision in the MEDIBIKE is when to evacuate a person, and each section has detailed decision-making steps to inform you of when to be concerned, and when to get out. Filled with full-color artwork illustrating techniques and procedures and downloadable for access off-line, it is handy for travel into extreme environments. The MEDIBIKE App is a must-have for every back pocket or backpack.


Best Reminder App


TBL Memory Clean




TBL Battery Optimizer





Recycle A Book
















Product Creation Wizard ( Pam Hendrickson )


Whenever customers come up to me bubbling with a product passion they can't wait to get created and sold, I play a little game in my head:My good cop says: I love that you're so excited to create your product!! My bad cop says: Who's the market for this?

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Treasure Mania X

Play this exciting and challenging game that test your analyzing and strategic skills.

Treasure Mania is a game where you need to match and pattern the precious according to their type and sizes as fast as possible to obtained and and set a highscore

Once the box are filled with gems and stones the game is over so you need to match the gems until they reach the large size and covert it into a score.


• User friendly
• Games that is good for kids
• Enhance Analyzing skills
• Run through almost all android phones and tablets



Ghost Chasing

Test your vision and catch the ghost as fast as you can before the time beats you.
You need to catch the ghost that becomes transparent as your level progress.



Exciting and simple gameplay
• User-friendly UI/UX
• High quality designs and graphics
• Fun and challenging game for all ages.



Maze 3D

Play this exciting, good-looking, and fun time killing Ball Maze 3D game.
Find your way out inside the maze of confusion and let this game test your memory ability to find your way out.



• High quality 3D Graphics
• User-Friendly
• Run in almost all type of devices
• Simple and easy gameplay



Parkour Man

Play this exciting and fantastic jumping breakthrough game
Experience a smooth and confortable playing experience on your tablet or smartphone


• Run through almost android devices
• Highscores and different levels
• Simple gameplay
• Best game for all ages




Tired of searching for a pen and paper when inspiration strikes? Can't find that specific word that rhymes with orange?

Don't exatly know the correct meaning of contradictory words like ravel? Tired of going through the hassle of

browsing your many files and all you want is an audio track? That line you just wrote, did another artist use it?

Well know you don't have to worry! Barz N' Hookz, the writing app solves these problems!

-Digital pad with seperate parts for your intro, verses, hooks, bridges and outros.

-A standard Dictionary and Thesaurus.

2015-01-24 00-10 BARZ-N-HOOKZ

-A rhyming Dictionary.

-A powerful audio player to write your record to.

-Integration with Rap Genius.

PLUS!!! Share your files with other artists and producers.

This is the perfect tool when you're about to create that next chart topping hit!

Barz N' Hookz, Just what the game needs!!

Future updates will be rapid and bananas, stay tuned!


Ask the Bible

- Verses of the bible are indexed around common everyday topics
- Common topics are grouped into 5 major categories:
* Health and your body
* Relationships and sex
* God and spirituality
* Money and work
* Feelings and emotions
- Alphabetic keyword index for 4000 topics
- Once the topic is selected, then multiple verses are displayed
- The most appropriate verse can then be selected, then this verse is displayed
within its bible chapter, to allow its context to be understood
- Or go back to select another verse

2015-01-24 00-20 Ask the Bible2

2015-01-24 00-20 Ask the Bible3

2015-01-24 00-20 Ask the Bible

- Complete offline bible
- Good for young Christians, new Christians, mature Christians, bible study,
daily reference and when travelling.
- Great way to surf the bible, following interesting topics or verses
- Works totally offline
- World English Bible or King James Bible
- No adds


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