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Way back in 2005, Apple team announced the Unity game engine as their primary game engine and just one year later, Unity was recognized as the runner up for the best game engine at WWDC 2006. A lot has been added to video gaming industry since then and Unity is not just a 2D engine, it is a 3D engine now with features that helps both 2D and 3D animations. TBL Tech Nerds has the best teams who are highly experienced in Unity 3D as well as 2D and can cast any number of customized frames to support any kind of Game Script.

You are just required to have the game Script though with us you are not required to have even that. You are just required to have an idea. As we have mentioned on your Home page, "If you have an Idea, we have the best team for you," is the fact behind our mission and that is to turn maximum ideas into a real video game.

The Overall revenue generation through the video gaming industry in 2015 was $74 billion dollars in US alone and was at third position in entertainment sector after broadcast and cable TV.

Also, TBL Tech Nerds primary domain is gaming industry and we always gives preference to the game developers, writers, testers and analysts in comparison to any other sector. We are also glad to mention that we have already registered over 500 live video games on Apple App store, Google Play, Amazon, Opera and previously Nook as well, though sadly Nook was shut down in March, this year.

Arcade games, Adventure games, Fantasy games, Logic Games, Board games, Block games, War games, Simulations, Education Games and in fact any kind of game, you want us to build for you, you are just required to have an idea and our game writer will craft a game story out of your idea. You are just required to sit with him online if you have any customized game story idea that is slightly different from standard game stories for various categories mentioned above.

Once, the story is finalized, we will let you know from where we will be getting the theme tune, character cartoons in various positions for frames, special sounds like striking of swords, backgrounds and various other effects that are required for a perfect game development.

You are not required to worry about the programming part for even once. You will have to give your opinions on UI only as we share with you the apk's and ipa's of the prepared video game after each milestone.

And you can have your own music theme, your own set of characters, your own backgrounds, your own idea of rewarding points, own obstacles, self-defined levels and your own story. We work mainly on Unity 3D as it can be used by IOS as well as Android.

Yes, Unity 3D is amazing and we have some great programmers! Making a Video game is time consuming and requires a lot of patience!

And our team has that ingredient in each of our team members.
    We have game writers who will not miss even a single fact from you.
    We have programmers who will not leave even a single wrong logic in the code.
    We have testers to test each portion of the code.
    We have game players who will test each level.
    And we can do that for any number of hours continuously.

Have a look at some of the games we have developed so far. Vlad The Angry Viking
Bubble Head


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